Are you and I inspired by the same things?


It inspires us to see people during a transformation process experience ‘we must change’ becoming ‘we want to change’.

Because of this, the Why Company directs their attention on the ‘interior’ (the internal communication) of people and companies. This is the foundation of success in business. The exterior is a logical following of the interior. Evidently an individual, a team or a company radiates this principal. We support organisations that understand that their success in business is dependent on the mutual trust and respect that exists between colleagues. Thru this arises a climate of creativity, personal growth, pleasure in work and the courage to accept responsibilities and to realize these new responsibilities in a timely fashion.

The Why Company helps to obtain such a climate by listening attentively, starting a dialogue, exhibiting vulnerability, allowing room for personal qualities, giving training, coaching people, leading brainstorm and creativity sessions and lending support during transformation processes. With undaunted curiosity and searching for the exact questions, because we feel that the most successful organisations of the future are not directed at solutions, but directed to listening and asking questions.

Because by asking questions, you create new possibilities, new ideas, new visions, new dreams.

Does this letter also inspire you?
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Thank you for reading this letter,

Yolanda Eijgenstein